LET Project – Digital Media Brief

May 12, 2010



DIGITAL MEDIA BRIEF – Call for creative responses  

Summary of the Brief

To create and edit exciting content for the LET website, generated by the various LET projects across Pennine Lancashire.



LET (Liberate Empty Terrain) – is Creativity Works latest project designed to raise awareness of the high quality creative industries that exist in Pennine Lancashire.  Each Pennine Lancashire local authority has received some money from central government towards putting empty shops back into use during a time of recession.  The five districts have agreed to collectively promote this programme and want to provide local creative industries the opportunity to showcase their creativity in a public space, benefiting from an increased raised profile, but also a chance to be creative in a way that the organisation decides to be, rather than responding to clients’ needs.

Creativity Works is a collective of Pennine Lancashire Arts Development Officers, supported by the Arts Council and Curious Minds, who work collectively to raise the cultural aspiration of the region. 

Creativity Works mission statement is :

To increase the profile of Pennine Lancashire’s art and creative activity within and outside the region. Contributing to our health, people, regeneration and business.

Creativity Works executive has been created to reap the benefits from collective working: providing added value to district good practice, potentially reproducing it across the region; to provide a mechanism for strategic and imaginative ideas to be created; and to recognise areas where joint campaigns, projects and research will have greater impact jointly delivered. 


Project Brief

It is an ambition of the LET project to have an overarching campaign that brings the programme of work across the districts together. This is being developed through a branding campaign and via the project website.

The purpose of this brief is to develop the LET project into an online piece of work

using the current LET programme as source material/content.


  • To create and edit exciting content for the website, generated by the various LET projects across Pennine Lancashire, so that the website showcases the joint project and provides an overview of the innovative empty shop work being carried out in the region


  • It should have a distinctive, engaging and profile raising presence


  • The work should stand alone as a legacy from the campaign and have use as advocacy/evaluation material once the project has closed


  • It should encourage interactivity and engagement with the online audience


  • Consideration should be given to the LET audiences of 1. Family and Community Focussed 2. Fun, Fashion and Friends and 3. Mature Explorers (see appendix for more info on audiences)


  • The work should be able to be communicated through social networking tools and online video and photography galleries in order to reach as wide an audience as possible


  • The work needs to maintain relevance for at least a 6 month period –  this could be through a series of pieces of work which are published at intervals subject to content collected on an ongoing basis, or through a process of research/development and results which itself is interactive and engaging online


  • Representative of the region – we would like the work to be representative of as much of the LET programme as possible, but accept that it may not be possible to cover all activity taking place


  • Collaborative working – the successful candidate will need to work with the other LET artists/project managers in the creation of digital content from their work. They will also need to work with the communications manager/website designers to develop the website to accommodate the content accordingly


Project Resources

 The successful candidate will be expected to provide their own digital hardware equipment for the project (laptop/digital camera/camcorder etc). However, there is a budget available for software/formatting/memory cards etc.

 How to apply

To apply please send us:

1. An outline of how you would approach this project to include

  • Themes of your work and how they would relate to LET project
  • How you propose to work with such a variety of material collected
  • Methods/technology you would use to create the work
  • Draft budget

 2. Examples of previous work/projects you have undertaken

3. Full CV

4. Letter of application stating why you are interested in this project



Daily rate £180 per day

Estimate 10 days of content gathering (spread across agreed activity/events)

10 half days to create work

5 days liaising with comms officer/web designers to integrate to website

20 days = £3,600

£1,000 budget for kit/software/formatting/memory cards etc



 Brief out w/c 10 May

Responses by 25 May

Interviews 7 June

Commence project immediately


 By 25 May via email to:

elaine.lees@blackburn.gov.uk  and hjones@burnley.gov.uk

Elaine Lees: Communications Officer, Creativity Works

Helen Jones: Cultural Development Manager, Burnley Borough Council


  • Further info on audiences
  • Previous artists briefs for Blackburn and Burnley



Family and community focussed

Typically in their 30s and 40s, with a strong sense of community and family. Having built a comfortable nest with their moderate financial means, the Family and community focused segment’s priorities lie with their children, connecting with the local community and holding on to their cultural roots.

Fun, Fashion and Friends

Fun, fashion and friends are in the early stages of developing their career or just starting families. In their leisure time, they like to indulge their interests in fashion, travel and cuisine. They relish seeking out new experiences and are willing to pay for quality. However, they are also very environmentally aware and this is reflected in their choice of brands.


Mature explorers 

Curious, inquisitive and active, Mature explorers seek out new experiences through travel, trying out different cuisines and learning about different cultures. They keep up to date with current affairs and the news and seek to develop balanced opinions, displaying environmental and social awareness through their purchase decisions and lifestyle choices.

For more info on audiences see


Previous artists briefs:

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See www.letprojectblackburn.wordpress.com



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